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Verizon Cyber Risk Monitoring

cyber risk monitoring

Verizon  Cyber Risk Monitoring Features & Benefits​

  • Security scoring: Effectively measure changes in your security maturity

  • Online exposure: Identify contents on the deep/dark web that could damage your enterprise

  • Supply Chain Risk: Improving risk posture and minimizing potential risks outside vendors and business partners
  • Not require to implement software nor hardware

Securing your organization,

Comprehensive security risk posture monitoring.


Requiring the commitment from company executives and establishing global governance of the businesses considering cybersecurity.

Improving risk posture and minimizing potential risks from the M&A planned companies for security due diligence.

Supply Chain Risk​

Identifying and evaluating existing and new business partner security risks and measures to protect private information.

Global challenges

Identifying  promoting the strength of governance and security for subsidiaries and overseas branch offices.

Limitation of human resources

Working diligently on an approach to map vulnerability and threat data within automated, daily updates. 

Security Framework

Evaluating near real-time look into risk postures and the ability to drill down into security frameworks and industry vectors.

Know your score.
Know where to focus your security investments.

  • Risk can be measured by many users within an organization

  • Comphrensive visibility across the organization aligned to risk including third-party risk

  • Comphrensive visibility across the organization aligned to risk

  • Simplified view for prioritization of resources

  • Combined the world-class capabilities of these leading security organizations with Verizon’s own unique intelligence* 

 ※ Verizon is one of the largest communication technology companies in the world.

* Verizon's unique intelligence: Mobile Security Index 2021, 2021 Data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR)

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