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Go forward to implement
Security Operations as an Infrastructure

​We PARONGO propose efficient and effective security products:

Verizon NDR (Network Detection and Response)
ThreatX WAF
Our Thoughts

As various security threats surrounding Internet / Intranet are becoming more and more complex and increasing, it is becoming difficult to respond with conventional security operations alone. The number of security professionals is limited, and it takes time to develop, and we must consider whether we can have such specialists in general companies. We, PARONGO, are introducing solutions for realizing operations that do not rely on human tactics and aiming to play a role in customer security operations.

Our Mission

"Security Automation" is our mantra.
And to realize security operations as "infrastructures" is our mission.

Our Solution

As the first Verizon resell partner in Japan and APAC, we not only resell Verizon NDR but also provide threat monitoring and visualization with Verizon NDR to Japan/APAC customers.
Also, we resell docker base modern Web Application Firewall ThreatX WAF with our security operations to protect customer's web sites and API servers.


Verizon NDR

In Realtime

Verizon NDR analyzes the packets in realtime with several types of detection engines and threat intelligence. The results of the analysis are visualized with a very modern user interface to focus on the problem fast and efficiently.
Verizon NDR also can way back to the past to dive into the packet and visualize to forensic the things.


Visualization is one of the imporant essential parts of Verizon NDR. Using the beautiful user interface, security operator easily catches up the data with click action, identify the target,  and start the incident responses super quick.

How it works

ThreatX WAF

ThreatX WAF is docker-based, attacker-centric, and kill-chain based new generation WAF.

Security operator can get useful information such as an attacker's pattern, IP addresses, technics, risk scores, and the targeted URLs.

Also, the operator can control many WAFs even located on-prem, on cloud or wherever in one admin console as orchestration and adapt the same security policies to them.


ThreatX WAF is made up of three essential parts.
The sensor so-called is located in front of Web applications to protect the resources. The sensor monitor traffics, detect unwelcome behaviors, and block the dangerous attacks based on risk scores.

The attack analysis, correcting threat intelligence, and sharing are the functions of ThreatX Analysis Platform. ThreatX Analysis Platform is built on ThreatX side and integrated with every sensor on the customer's side.

The dashboard is also located on ThreatX side, not in local. The administrator or security operator access the dashboard via browsers to configure the settings, check the attacks, create the own unique rules.


ThreatX WAF can deploy every environment not only on-prem but also private and public cloud. By App Behavior Profiling with machine learning technology,  the tuning to fit the protected resources is automated.

ThreatX WAF
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